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100% Commitment to Supplying Sustainably Sourced Fish & Shellfish

The Best Fish From the Best People

Cole's has operated since the mid-60's and have a long-standing commitment to supplying fish and shellfish that are from safe, sustainable sources.

Affiliates of the Marine Conservation Society

Supplying Sustainably Sourced Fish & Shellfish - online and in-store

Some years ago, over fishing caused the entire fishing, sea farming and catering industry to take stock – there were even at-sea disputes over cod fishing at one time. The abundance of fish had been taken for granted and endangerment was a real threat to many species.

Thankfully, those days are in the past but there remains a determination to protect fish stocks and manage them as the perfect source of protein, oils and vitamins. Cole's continues to practice its tradition of buying the best fish available from the people best able to produce them or fish for them without causing lasting harm or threat to on-going supplies.

Cole's also takes pride in its affiliation to the Marine Conservation Society and fully supports its campaigns for protection and husbandry of the UK’s shores, seas and wildlife. Part of the Society’s remit of particular relevance to Cole's is sustainable fisheries.

Sustainable fresh and frozen fish online

By having fishing fleets and fish producers who closely adhere to regulations, including keeping comprehensive documentation, Cole's is able to track where every item of fish and seafood had been sourced from and by whom.

This clear line of evidence protects the sea’s abundance but also ensures that you and every customer who buys from Cole's can be completely confident in the way that creature has been reared or captured, and that its home location was a healthy one.

Embracing Recycling to the Fullest Extent

All fish waste is collected and sent to a power station for disposal that also generates electricity. All cardboard is compacted onsite and then transferred to a recycling facility. Bulky polystyrene boxes and packaging is never put into general waste until it has been compressed by our EPS compactor that compacts it down to a fraction of its original dimensions allowing it to be recycled.

The entire team at Cole's is fully committed to quality, flexibility and service for all its customers and also to the protection of the environment and sea species for the benefit of the current generation and those that follow.

Every item supplied and sold by Cole's complies with strict requirements for the size and age of fish and shellfish, and are always seasonal.

More information about which fish is available during the year can be found on the Marine Conservation Society website -