Try Coles amazing Deli Selection, The Very Best Producers of Shellfish - shellfish


Sustainable Shellfish Whilst Still Obtaining Quality

If your idea of food heaven comes in a shell, you just have to try Cole's amazing Deli Selection.

The selection includes lobsters, clams, oysters and scallops, with plenty of cockles, mussels, king prawns, crayfish and clams ready for you, too.

A Norfolk Favourite

Shrimping was the original plan for Cole's but to support local fishermen who had no means of getting their catch to market, Brian Cole began his regular trips to Billingsgate loaded with brown shrimp – a Norfolk favourite which was always much in demand outside the county, too.

Shellfish oystersSeafood of the crawling kind has been very popular for centuries and, today, finding a reliable supplier of quality shellfish can be difficult. There are many sources but few that seem to know the difference between merely average and truly outstanding – Cole's is the exception because it would never accept ‘average’ and is committed to ‘outstanding’.

The Very Best Producers of Shellfish

The team at Cole's take the same time, care and interest in shellfish as it does with every other type of fish they prepare, pack and sell to everyone who appreciates the tastes and textures of this type of seafood. The key to giving you a selection of molluscs and crustaceans which almost defies belief is Cole's access to the very best producers of shellfish and getting each highly desirable species to their customers in the shortest possible time.

Every producer is expected to farm or catch the shellfish Cole's accepts in a manner that is sustainable whilst still obtaining quality.