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Fresh Fish

Expert Knowledge & Committed to Long-Term Sustainability

The clean, fresh taste of the fish you will buy from Cole's – from a single salmon fillet to a large order for restaurant service – is assured by the Team’s expert knowledge and access to the best sources.

It is also underpinned by the Cole's commitment to the long-term sustainability and integrity required by the Marine Conservation Society. Environmental awareness and care is part of the Cole's ethos; right down to maximising the recycling of by-products and packaging whenever possible, and the appropriate disposal of anything that cannot be re-used.

The most popular species of fish are readily available from Cole's. So, too, are the fish that would once have been thought to be exotic and are now almost commonplace thanks to celebrity chefs and very fast transportation from source to Cole's.

Whether you have a recipe for a classically favourite fish such as cod, plaice, bass or a special menu requiring swordfish, marlin or turbot, you need look no further than Cole's.

Easy Ordering & Prepared to Your Requirements

All deliveries are made via parcel courier in temperature controlled packaging. Full tracking information will be sent when your order has been despatched. Due to temperature control requirements we can only delivery Tuesday to Saturday.

Seasonality is relevant but where else, other than Cole's, will you find fish that are still bright-eyed and glossy-scaled because the time between capture and presentation has been so short?

PlaiceWhether you are a home cook or a professional chef, you may want your fish prepared for you by experts. Again, all you have to do is ask.

Some customers have ordered whole fish in the past and then found it difficult to fillet or prepare. For example, one chef ordered a very large halibut. Weighing in at 85lbs the halibut presented a literally huge preparation problem.

The chef soon realised that even his skills were not as good as those of the Cole's filterers and the fish was then prepared by them. So rather than waste time in the preparation of your fish, why not just ask for the professionals to do it for you?