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Tap here to call our 24 hour order line:
01553 767997
Call our 24 hour order line: 01553 767997
24 hour order line:
01553 767997
Visit us at:
Units 15-19, East Coast Business Park, Clenchwarton Road, West Lynn, King's Lynn, Norfolk PE34 3LW
Covering East Anglia
Covering East Anglia

Fresh Fish & Shellfish That Tastes Great & Responsibly Sourced

People With a Passion for Fish

If you enjoy wonderful seafood that can create sumptuous dishes even when using the simplest of recipes, you will be delighted by everything that is available through Cole's. It is rare to be able to visit and see for yourself, how people with a passion for fish work together to keep customers satisfied. You are always welcome to call in and choose from the long list of fish that is available in the Shop.

Sea Bass
Sea Bream

Choice of Top Quality, Sustainably Fished Sea Fare

Over the years, Cole's has built up enviable relationships with fishermen and fish markets and it is this which gives you such a choice of top quality, sustainably fished or farmed sea fare. It also means Cole's has a network of ‘go to’ people so that any request you may have for a particular species of fish can usually be met.

Today, Cole's provide fish and shellfish to top chefs in restaurants and hotels, as well as to people who just love great fish they can cook at home. If this sounds like you, visit the Cole's shop and see for yourself what truly sea fresh fish is available.

Fish & Shellfish You Can’t Wait to Cook & Eat

The list of availability changes constantly. Obviously, seasonal considerations are a key feature but whatever the time of year, Cole's will have something you can’t wait to cook and eat.

In fact, as the general manager Paul Cole says, "we have so many different types of fish and shellfish during the year that you could eat them three times a day, every day, and never eat the same thing twice".